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Setting attributes when starting Maya

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Setting attributes when starting Maya

I have a question about the automatic setting of attributes when starting maya.
I have the following problem. I work from home on a Macintosh. Our render computer, a PC, is in the company.
Every time I transfer render files from the Mac to the render PC, I have to tick "Refraction Affects Alpha Channel" in the rendersettings/system on the PC. This setting option is not available on the Mac. If I don't tick the box, the transparencies render incorrectly.
The tick is not set by default.
My question now is: Is there a possibility (I'm sure there is) that this tick is automatically set when Maya is started? I think i have to do it in the Maya_env file, but if i integrate the code

"setAttr "redshiftOptions.enableLegacyRefractionAffectsAlphaChannel" 1;"

nothing happend, when i start Maya

Can someone tell me how to do this on the PC?

By the way: i'm rendering with redshift


Thank you

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You need to create a userSetup.mel and then enter the MEL code there, it won't work in the Maya.env .

However in case it does not work, cause Redshift is not fully at this time, you can use a scriptJob to execute the MEL command whenever a scene is opened.

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