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Selection is not aligned with cursor in 3D Cut and Sew Uv Tool

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Selection is not aligned with cursor in 3D Cut and Sew Uv Tool

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 2.05.47 AM.png

Since I could not include the cursor in the screenshot, I drew an indication of it in the picture. As it shows, the cursor is not aligned with the selection and it requires guesses to select the desired edge. It only happens with the 3D cut and sews UV tool in specifically the left model panel (it works fine in the right UV mapping panel). Please help. 

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I got exactly the same problel, I can´t find a solution. Did you?

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Okay.. seemingly that’s because Autodesk turned on high resolution on maya 2022 for mac. The first option is to locate your actual (not the alias) which is in application folder. Then right click and choose “get info” and check the box that says “open in low resolution”. Anyway, for some reason this option might not available for some people .. so you need to try the second option . Open a terminal, (cmd + spacebar and type terminal) then right click on the terminal icon below on the taskbar and select New Command then type this: QT_MAC_WANTS_BEST_RESOLUTION_OPENGL_SURFACE=0 .. then check “Run command inside a shell” and hit Run … after that you need to go tu application >, right click, show package contents > contents > MacOS .. find Maya exec , then drag and drop it into the same terminal shell you just created to open Maya.
Note: you need to do the whole process everytime you want to open maya.

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