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Select Edgeloop after bevel with mel

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Select Edgeloop after bevel with mel

I'm trying to write a script that creates a cutline automatically


given an edgeloop 


1 runs a bevel with 3 segments,

2 selects the middle edgeloop 

3 runs a polymovefacet on the selection with a bit of Z offset to give the inset/bevel and creating the cutline 


I know how to do 1 and 3 but I don't know if there is a way to select a specific/middle edgeloop after the initial bevel? 


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Hi @Anonymous


You might find polyDuplicateEdge or polySplitRing useful.  Those are the nodes you get when you use the Offset Edge Loop or Insert Edge Loop tools.


Also, here's a little script that uses offset twice that may help you


polyDuplicateEdge -offset 0.5;
polyDuplicateEdge -offset 0.3;
string $edges[] = `polyListComponentConversion -fromEdge -toEdge`;
select `polyListComponentConversion -fromEdge -toFace`;
polyMoveFacet -localTranslateZ -0.05;
polyDelEdge -cleanVertices true $edges;


Please let me know if this helps or if you need any more assistance!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

that's very helpful thank you, I found this piece of code to work perfectly: 


from pymel.core import *
edges = ls(sl=True)
polyDuplicateEdge(edges, of=0.05)
faces = polyListComponentConversion(fe=True,tf=True)
polyExtrudeFacet(faces, keepFacesTogether=True, thickness=-0.5)

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