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Segementation (SIGSEGV) and Bus Error (SIGBUS) issue leading to maya crashes

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Segementation (SIGSEGV) and Bus Error (SIGBUS) issue leading to maya crashes



my maya has been crashing nonstop due to a Segmentation and Bus Error. I am using a MacBook Pro and that problem has never happened. I saw an earlier post about this where it was solved by deleting the preferences - I did that - but it didn't solve anything for me. I am working on a Lighting/ Texturing Project with Renderman and the software works fine until I activate my IPR - then it crashes within minutes. How can I solve this? 

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os is trying to access memory thats not there. namespace error 10

probably a bad pointer, possible a bad usb port

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I'm not very familiar with coding language - what's a bad pointer? And could you explain the point about the usb port a bit more? 

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disconnect mouse or other things connected to usb and start maya

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