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Scene file made by someone else won’t load in Maya

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Scene file made by someone else won’t load in Maya

I’m currently in an animation class using Maya. All students downloaded the project files made by the professor from Box. They seem to be opening fine for everyone else, so I don’t believe anything is corrupted. 
However, when I try to open the scene, Maya loads forever and will not open it. I haven’t had this problem before with files of similar size.

I have tried importing the scene instead of opening it, which made the assets show up in the outliner, but nothing else and I can’t click on anything.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Maya, redownloading the project files, and restarting my computer, but no luck.


Help please!

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in reply to: crmoser2

Ask your professor for help from the specific file , he should be able to resolve it or give you a lighter file.

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in reply to: damaggio

If all else fails, I will, it’s just that this project is due tomorrow and I’ve had weeks- this is my first time opening the project

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in reply to: crmoser2

Okay good luck.

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