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Scene created on school computer appears corrupted on home computer

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Scene created on school computer appears corrupted on home computer

I just started using Maya for school and I'm having a problem when transferring files from my school computer to my home computer.

When I open a scene created in my school computer in my home computer one of the objects in the scene will appear black and grey and will have lost all of its shape. In the PNG I attached the object is supposed to be a ball. The animation on the ball works, it's just the mesh that's messed up.

I usually save a copy of the original school file onto OneDrive and onto my USB and both files have the same problem when I open them at home. I've tried saving in .mb and .ma but nothing changes.

I don't think the file's corrupted because it's happened with multiple different projects and when I open the copied school files on my school computer they work just fine.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Maya and it didn't fix the problem.

Both my school and home computers are using the student version of Maya 2019.2 and Windows 10.



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in reply to: dalissz

it may be a problem

with your hardware if other machines have no issue with the file .

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in reply to: dalissz

Hi @dalissz 


I agree with @damaggio  it may be something in the hardware of your home computer. Did you check that it meets all requirements? 


You can find the full list here for 2019 Maya:

Diana Rouge

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in reply to: diana.yr

Hi @diana.yr,

Sorry for the late reply. I checked and my home computer does meet Maya 2019's system requirements. However, when I was reading through the Hardware Certification PDF I found this note under the graphics card that I have:

"NOTESFOR INTEL WINDOWS GRAPHICS:Bifrost Aero voxels display incorrectly. This is a Maya limitation (MAYA-72099). In OpenGL Core Profile viewport mode, OpenSubdiv Adaptive geometry is corrupted (MAYA-60450)."

Since I'm new to Maya, I don't really know what this means. Do you know if this is related to the problem?

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in reply to: dalissz

Are you sure you have the textures at home ( mesh is black could be missing Texture)...and that the file was cleaned of modeling history before saving? This could lead to problems in the file.

you could try again to save a new clean file from the school computer and bring it home.

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