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Scene crashes/fails to load on different PC

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Scene crashes/fails to load on different PC

I'm trying to access my unwrap scene from a different PC however every time I try to load it either crashes or never finishes loading even after it displays 100% read. 


I have tried opening it on a laptop. Completely wiping Autodesk as per this guide: and reinstalling maya. Uninstalling maya and reinstalling the earliest available 2024 version. Installing the latest version of Arnold. Resetting preferences.

I'm not quite sure what's left to try, I have an fbx save available however it isn't completely up to date and since this is a retopology I would greatly appreciate having the scene. Is there anything else I should try? I don't have access to the PC the file is originally saved on. Attached is a zip with the scene, a recovery file maya made (that also fails to load) and the latest crash log.

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It would be much faster to just  do Mesh>Retopologize.

Also remember to delete the history before saving the file.

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