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Saving Animation Layers and Motionbuilder

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Saving Animation Layers and Motionbuilder

Hi.  My main motion design system is now maya and motionbuilder and I'm concerned about animation layers and FCurves surviving the bridge and getting saved without being flattened.  The bridge between MnM won't export the entire layer stack either way so you're supposed to do it one layer per take.  That just doesn't work for me.    It'll take all day.  

So I was thinking about using ATOM files which save everything I need.  But I don't know if Motionbuilder can use them.  Anyone know about that? 

Second thing I was thinking about was story editor clips in motionbuilder.  Is it possible to save animation layers intact in there?  Motionbuilder clips supposedly have their own internal layer system, I heard once.  Haven't found too much on that since.  Who knows, maybe it was a dream.

Can a bvh file do it?  I thought they flattened everything.   I want something that preserves layer stacks and can be used for importing them between MnM.

Any ideas?  Workarounds?


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