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Save your own objects in the ShelfTab ?

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Save your own objects in the ShelfTab ?

Hello, community,

I modeled in Maya19 single elements which can be put together, you surely know editors of video games

e.g.: Skyrim construction editor. The dungeons are cropped in single elements "meshes"
so that they can be put together to form a room / corridor. Now I have such single elements / corridors in different shapes like X, L and T as well as simple straight corridors. Now to put these corridors together vertex by vertex, I have to set the pivot to the corresponding vertex (Key; D+V) to connect it to the next vertex of the next corridor

(Key; V).
Now this is quite cumbersome... since I always have to have a separate corridor in the scene to copy and paste.
So now my question:
Is it possible... no it is possible...
How do I get these corridors into the shelf tab / menu?
They are defined somewhere in the script?
Exactly the same as when I create a cube in the MEL that comes:
polyCube -w 1 -h 1 -d 1 -sx 1 -sy 1 -sz 1 -ax 0 1 0 -cuv 4 -ch 1;


Where are these coordinates for my self-made objects which I have named?

If I had them,

I could put them all in the Shelf Tab and select them by clicking !



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Hi! Construct geometry using point positions in 3d space is not simple task. You can save your models and the use import command like this:


import pymel.core as pm


 and add this command to your shelf. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Jo Genial ... something like that could work.




I'll try it.




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Well... it would have been nice... unfortunately, I can't do it with me.


import pymel.core as pm



with or without () ??
?? --> that comes with it too?

Does neither MEL nor Python...

What am I doing wrong?

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in reply to: Anonymous

It's pymel with python syntax. So it would by with () 

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in reply to: Anonymous

pm.importFile(E:\SAVES Work\fly2\Gygoracdesea Desktop\biblo\lampe
# Error: invalid syntax #

import pymel.core as pm

pm.importFile('E:\SAVES Work\fly2\Gygoracdesea Desktop\biblo\lampe')

# pymel.core : Updating pymel with pre-loaded plugins: svgFileTranslator, mayaHIK, invertShape, GamePipeline, curveWarp, tiffFloatReader, MASH, poseInterpolator, bifrostvisplugin, ATFPlugin, hairPhysicalShader, cacheEvaluator, ikSpringSolver, ik2Bsolver, xgenToolkit, AbcExport, retargeterNodes, gameFbxExporter, VectorRender, OpenEXRLoader, lookdevKit, Unfold3D, Type, mayaCharacterization, Boss, mtoa, meshReorder, modelingToolkit, MayaMuscle, rotateHelper, matrixNodes, bifmeshio, AbcImport, autoLoader, deformerEvaluator, sceneAssembly, gpuCache, Substance, OneClick, shaderFXPlugin, objExport, bifrostshellnode, renderSetup, GPUBuiltInDeformer, ArubaTessellator, stereoCamera, quatNodes, fbxmaya #
# Error: RuntimeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2019\Python\lib\site-packages\pymel\internal\ line 134: File not found. #


It does not work!

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Sorry but you  need to learn basic syntax of Python. 

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