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Rotate and Scale tool not centering to selected-vertices, but to world,

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Rotate and Scale tool not centering to selected-vertices, but to world,

I don't know why it's doing this, but it's annoying to have to re-position the transformation tool every time I want to scale or rotate vertices.

Steps to Recreate:
1) Create a Polygonal Primitive Cube.
2) Under Input add Subdivisions Width, Height and Depth to 3.
3) Go to sub-object mode Vertex.
4) Drag-select the inner vertices from an orthographic view, and not the outside bounding-box vertices (you should have 4 selected).
5) Click on Move tool. The tool is centered to the selected vertices - as its supposed to.
6) Click on Scale or Rotate tool and the tool is centered to the world origin. This is my problem. It should to the selected vertices not about the world origin.

I tried Restoring to Default Settings and that doesn't seem to fix it. I just want to scale or rotate selected vertices that are centered to the selection and not around the world.

Thanks to anyone who can figure this out!
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Open the settings for the tools and see what axis space your set too. if that don't work....
Have you tried re-installing?
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double click in the rotation/move/scale buttom in the windows that apear, reset the settings  

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Hi @Anonymous 


Thanks for posting! I just wanted to check in and see if you were able to find a solution 🙂 If one of the posts above resolved the problem, please consider marking the solution by clicking the "Accept Solution" button. This helps other forum members find the answers faster.


Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
Technical Solutions Engineer | Media & Entertainment
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Hi , I had a similar issue where the scale tool's center handle (the one that is supposed to keep the proportion of the shape) would completely change the shape when I use it. In my case my perfectly round cylinder would turn into a rectangular cylinder when scaling it down. I found out that the reason behind this was because I had symmetry activated in my modelling tool kit. Turning symmetry off solved the problem.

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Thank you so much @rakerliam for this! I was getting so frustrated but this was the issue! 

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