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Right Click and marking menus are not working once installed Maya 2022

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Right Click and marking menus are not working once installed Maya 2022

Hi There,

My right click/ marking menus are not working. I have uninstalled maya 2020 and 2022. I've uninstalled my wacom drivers. I've reinstalled both maya and wacom drivers. Restarted my computer and still no use of right click. 


What causes this and how can i fix it? 



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in reply to: jason.pKPFFE

So i figured it out. 

in the wacom settings under the pen/ calibrate menu. if the box for use windows ink is checked the marking menus will not work. I've been trying to figure this out all day. So there you go lol anyone else having that problem, here's the answer.


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I’m having the same issue while using a three button mouse.  Looking for solution. Marking nene will not show up in ortho views and is difficult to access in perspective.  Also once it appears it often selects does not select the polys I intended fir it to select. 

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in reply to: jason.pKPFFE

I am also having this issue with a three button mouse. When I right click over a mesh to select vertices, faces, etc. it selects a different mesh. And when I try to crop region in maya render view the box is displaced from mouse mouse about 200px.

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in reply to: jason.pKPFFE

You are a hero for responding to your own message with the fix. Thank you for saving me hours of searching. 🙂
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I have a CIntiq and tried unmarkin the Windows ink. Still not working. All my drives are updated. I am using Maya 2022. Ran out of Ideas. Anyone knows how to fix this issue for a Cintiq?

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Restarting the PC fixed the right click on the CIntiq but the middle mouse click still not working =/

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in reply to: jason.pKPFFE

fixed it for me! thanks so much!



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in reply to: jason.pKPFFE



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