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Why I'm I getting this? I have parented the jaw ctrl to my head ctrl but when I move the head the jaw is left behind I have to move the jaw to where I want. What I'm I doing wrong? I have attached the scene file below.

Screenshot (9).png

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in reply to: remyazei

I'm looking at your file now --


  1. Your head control is parented into your neck control, and you should be using the reverse.
    1. Select the Neck_CTRL, "Shift+P" to unparent
    2. Select the Head_CTRL + Shift Select the Neck_CTRL, "P" to parent
    3. Select the Neck_CTRL + Shift Select the Chest_CTRL, "P" to parent
  2. Your Jaw control is actually parented into the neck and not the head
    1. Select the Jaw_CTRL + Shift Select the Head_CTRL, "P"

So those steps will fix the issue you showed in your screenshot. I would also recommend looking at a face rigging tutorial, as it is a bit strange to have a translation control for your jaw setup rather than allowing the jaw to rotate from it's hinge (where it meets the head).  

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in reply to: artfully3d

This helped alot thank you so problem now comes to the jaw so my jaw ctrl should be where it meets the head? Not where it's placed right now?
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in reply to: remyazei

Glad the rig is fixed! 


Consider the human anatomy of a face, and how your own jaw opens and closes. There is a hinge joint, or point of rotation, around where your jaw bone meets your skull yea? Kinda like a door rotating on hinges, your jaw has a point of rotation. 


If you look through various head rigging tutorials, you can see that on average there will be a neck joint, a head joint, and an end joint at the top of the head (all of which you have already!) - but they also include a joint in the center of the head (front the front view) that is located roughly where the jaw would rotate. From that new jaw joint, you would connect the end of the jaw which is actually the joint that you already have, located around the chin area. 


In your file though, you already have your model skinned to your skeleton. So if you wanted to add a joint for your jaw or re-make the head setup, you would first need to unbind the skin.

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in reply to: artfully3d

Nice walkthrough thank you so much let me try this out

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