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Rigging hydraulic cylinders on robots.

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Rigging hydraulic cylinders on robots.

Hey there! I don't have a picture to show yet as I'm trying to figure out the feasibility of the project I want to make before I commit to a month of Maya. I'm a recently graduated student but there are still a number of things I am eager to learn or improve at, particularly robotics as I rather enjoy making those. In this particular instance, I want to make a humanoid robot and use hydraulic cylinders as replacements for the tendons and such in the human neck, possibly for other places too but the same theory should be able to be applied there I'm sure. How would I go about rigging hydraulic cylinders to follow points on the base of the 'skull' whilst also having a single bone chain to control the neck? I'm not too familiar with all the naming of features in the software yet, but a good few so lay it on me and I'll hopefully be able to figure out where all of it is and how to use it right.


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