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RIGGING blood pressure cuff. HELP PLEASE!!

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RIGGING blood pressure cuff. HELP PLEASE!!

HI Everybody.


I have a serious problem i've been trying to fix for some months now. I really need some help. I'm working in Maya 2016


I have this blood pressure cuff i need to rig and inflate. I need the blood pressure cuff to be able to be folded on itself. I need my rig to be dynamic so the characters hands can hold the cuff and fold it but it also needs the influences of gravity and other dynamic stuff. 


I have tried rigging it with a joint chain and making that dynamic with a curve, the problem i'm getting when I use the nhair or wire deformer is a geometry twisting deformation when I try to make the geometry fold over on itself. EVERYTHING would work fine if that twist deformation did not happen. People are saying it's because I'm using a wire and after 360 degrees it rotates. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS HAPPENS OR HOW TO FIX IT!!


I have tried making the blood pressure cuff an ncloth, however The interactive playback is very very slow, and will not playback, my polycount is not that high, I don't understand why the ncloth will not simulate, but when I use a lower poly geo, ncloth works just fine. Maybe its my iMac 8GB ram that can't hand it. HELP, but thats all I have to work with and desperately need a solution to this problem.ASAP


HELP HELP HELP, this project has me pulling out my hair! ๐Ÿ˜ž



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