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After I cleanup a model that was from a game made up of all triangles and try to use the Retopology tool. I get an extremely high value of polys. I know there is a reduce tool but the model's distribution of quads is scattered. Some areas like hair/shoes/body parts are way more condensed in quads then others. Is there a way to target these without losing the shape of the model? I tried to select the parts that are condensed and reduced those but the polys always come out looking badly disturbed.

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Good Topo is made by hand. I would remodel the parts you dont like. 

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I am fairly new to this and I have seen tutorials on topology but I assumed it would be easier to clean up a model than to construct a new one. I understand your point, better to know how to create one. I had a question on this, when i was retopology a model I noticed I wanted something extra on the body, is it easier to create this after or before you begin topo? Because my mesh did not have it included and the quad draw tool doesnt allow me to create anything that isnt on the live surface

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Doesnt matter both is a possible way. In production both could happen. 


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