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Repeat last action is broken

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Repeat last action is broken

If I want to repeat an action by pressing 'G' but my last action was done using a hotkey it won't remember it. but it will instead repeat the last action i did that was not done by  hotkey 



creates cube by clicking icon, then pressing crtl + B to create bevel, then selects next edge to bevel, Hits 'G', instead of another bevel it instead creates a cube again.

however if i do this again and i click bevel in the modelling toolkit instead of the hotkey, it then remembers it. 


any ideas? 

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in reply to: Paremco

Hi @Paremco and welcome to the community!


Thanks for posting this issue!


This is oddly inconsistent across hotkeys.


Your example works however if you use the Bevel tool through the menus then CTRL+E to extrude and press G it extrudes like the repeat should work.


Therefore I went ahead and logged this issue with our dev team to work on a fix!



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in reply to: Paremco

4 years later.


Still broken.

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