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Repathing Alembic Maya 2018 supported ?

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Repathing Alembic Maya 2018 supported ?

Hi there.


it's ABC repathing supported in new Maya 2018 ?





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Hi @alvaro_letelier


I'm a little bit confused by your issue. What do you mean by ABC repathing?


If you're curious about 2018 features, you can read the release notes here as well!

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi @alvaro_letelier


I'm just checking in again to see if you need more help with this. When you get a chance, can you please come back and further explain what you mean by ABC repathing so I can let you know if it is supported?

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Hi !


Yes. The question is if you can re path an alembic file node ( ABC file ). For example, working on your workstation and then you need to re path the Alembic folder for the rendering network. It's not possible to do it on Maya 2017 so you have to always work on the same path for your ABC files.


Any Alembic upgrades on Maya 2018 ?



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Hi @alvaro_letelier


I just did some digging through the release notes and talked to our dev team and it doesn't look like there is support for it yet.


While I can't disclose any plans for future updates, I highly recommend making a post on the Maya Idea Board! This is a board that the dev team regulary checks to see what ideas, changes etc that users like yourself want to see in future updates or versions of Maya.


Please let me know if this information is helpful or if you need any more assistance!



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Please check pic.


I check the release note and I did not see anything related to Alembic ( abc )




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in reply to: alvaro_letelier

Eventually i'm facing the same issues in maya 2018.5.  In Earlier version (maya2016.5) i used to repath the the alembic cache with browse button avaliable in alembic node. Save the Maya file and re-open the scene. It usually had no issuesat all. But in maya 2018.5 i'm consistently facing the re-path issues. Datas are not loading properly.  start and end frames seems '0" after re-opening the scene.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Generally i use in-house scripts to re-path the alembic cache.

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in reply to: Anonymous

// Warning: Repathing Alembic Nodes is not supported

seriously guys ? 




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in reply to: alvaro_letelier

the first occurrence of this on the official alembic group  is june 3 2011

We are 19 april 2021 today, i do find that ten years is a sufficient delay to implement such a useful / basic feature in Maya. 

Sorry for the ranting post , but i don't understand how maya users can do without such an important feature, i do alembic repath all day long inside houdini. Do you reconnect everything manually or reimport and reconnect everything each time the modeling / rig / lookdev is updated ? would it no be easier to just replace the file path instead of redoing everything manually ?


ps : sorry for the double post i don't find the edit post feature on the forum.




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in reply to: emouillet

Yes, believe it or not, alembic is still broken in Maya. If you want to repath the alembic file, you have to do it manually and then re open the scene, and sometimes it may not work at all and you may have to find other ways to re do it. Some people mention to do trough reference, but that's redundant, I have also read about that is possible trough bifrost? Do not know, but, yes, it's still not possible, one of the reasons I use houdini and clarisse for lookdev on complex scenes that requires tons of iterations, reloading, or repathing alembic files, actually is not a requirement, it;s an essential part of the workflow.

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in reply to: alvaro_letelier

thanks for your answer Alvaro. Yes it looks that 2 options available are :

- load abc reference ( this is what i do for now ), but you start adding some reference edit when you want to do many OP on the geo. And the less reference edit you have the better you are to avoid weird paranormal glitch in your scene.

- redo the whole things with python script, by deleting and recreating a new alembicnode, and reconnect all in script.

- bifrost has an abc loader but bifrost support with prman / RS / octane is not reliable imo, so i would stay away of it for now. the tech look nice but not mature enough imo.


i would say that :

- either you have 10 Maya TD's to write all the bloody code to get a decent abc user experience 

- either you rely on external tech like multiverse

- or you do yourself a favor and you assemble your scene in katana / houdini / clarisse and use tool with proper assembly logic


I haven't do scene assembly and rendering in maya since a long time, and things doesn't look so much better.


Building scene in VR is sweet and fancy, but updating abc reference path is just the basic of the basic of any serious pipeline. 


sorry again for the ranting post , but i'm pissed off to see that basic fundamental tools are lacking in the VFX industry standard DCC. 










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in reply to: alvaro_letelier

In Maya, I think currently a better workflow might be to use geo cache. It is an extra step but it is a lot faster and probably more reliable overall. It also plays with other tools within Maya and has more playback options than Alembic. It also has the ability to be edited.


This is something I am currently investigating.


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in reply to: alvaro_letelier

I have solution for this. If Maya is not allowing repathing alembic. Edit the maya file in text editor. Press ctr+f to find and type  .abc  to search abc file path. Then replace with your new path and save.


Note - Sometime you will not be able to search it. ...... Let the file opening or processing done. Wait for sometime and search again. 

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Save File as a .ma file.

Open in Notepad

Ctrl + F

Search for the file path and replace all.

This method saved me manually doing it for over 260 characters.



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The text editor hack works a treat. Amazing that still in Maya 2022 this is not fixed. The simplest of functions, pointing an Alembic cache to its source is not doable in Maya in the year 2023. Well done Autodesk. Really holding up on that reputation of not ever fixing anything that might be useful. 


Returning unwillingly from Houdini. Nothing has changed.

SelfFacePalming for expecting anything different.

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in reply to: alvaro_letelier

Use Bifrost graph for it and be done with it

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Or, I don't know, maybe they could fix the built in alembic importer after 8 years of having the same ridiculous issue. Which is still a thing this very day.


You shouldn't need to use the bifrost graph to import an alembic and update the file to a new version. Unbelievable.


Was not meant as a reply to the OP, sorry. 

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in reply to: smbell1979

Or reference the alembic in then you can switch the ref easily. 

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