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Renamed Outliner Objects After Import

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Renamed Outliner Objects After Import

I understand that Maya only allows alphanumeric and underscores for names in out outliner, but sadly almost all of the files I work with use characters beyond alphanumeric characters for the scene objects.


My result is a very difficult to read list of assets.



What is the simplest way to prevent this? Is there any way I can disable the "FBXASC###" renaming of objects and just have the illegal character outright removed or replaced with something else, or somehow batch rename everything? Renaming the objects in the program they originate from would involve me changing the name of 1000s of object names by hand, so this is not really a solution.

Thanks for any help

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I dont think you can avoid maya to put that prefix in there, but with a few steps you can remove that from all the objects in hte outliner!


So, you have to:


1-Select all the objects that has "FBXASCO504_" in their name;

2-Whit that selected go to modify-->Serach and replace names...

3-Put in Search for : FBXASCO504_ and in replace with the "." (dot) key and press Apply or Replace;

4-Repeat the process for the "FBXASCO505_" and the "FBXASCO506_" objects...or any object you want;


By putting that dot in the "replace with" function basically it will delete what you put in the "search for" function



Hope that helps



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If I helped you it would be appreciated you to leave me a kudo 😛


Also accept my post as solution.



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i have a similar problem.


i imported an obj file, from a parametric software.

all the object are named with a number.


maya 2018 alert me this kind of file will be no more supported in the next release....but maya import all the object as locked object.


i can delete them but don't let me rename them.


i get this error:

// Error: line 6: Cannot rename a read only node. // 


any suggestions??




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@matteo_bacci that's something different, please create a new thread and upload a file (maya or obj).

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Wow! Genius answer - I couldn't even see the repeating string until you pointed it out. 🙂 Although my filenames are pretty knarly...




...the repeating string was FBXASC045 and using your method I got the names to match the filename perfectly




So Cheers and many thanks!


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Does anyone know of a database for what those FBXASC### characters translate to? I get those characters when a joint (created in another program) begins its name with a number, I can't rename the joints in said other program, or at all, but I want to convert that fbx ascii character code back to what it was in the export file format within the same code that is batch importing and applying animations and then exporting to an .xml/collada file format.

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I believe after testing it’s HTML character codes, i.e.


FBXASC049 is 1

FBXASC040 is (

FBXASC046 is .




Just remember maya heavily affects the first character vs the rest. If it’s numeric it cannot start with a number but it can contain one.

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They are ASCII character codes. You can see a list of them here . That's likely what the "ASC" in "FBXASC" means that immediately precedes each ascii character code.


Fun fact, if you type in Windows and hold down the ALT key while typing an ASCII code and then releasing the ALT key, it will type the corresponding character. You can type values less than 100 with just two digits ("41") or with a prepended "0" (041).

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