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Regarding Maya nCloth and Cloth Simulations

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Regarding Maya nCloth and Cloth Simulations

I am used to Blender cloth simulation and I have started exploring Maya very recently. I am trying to mimic what I used to do in Blender - create 2D patterns of garments, select edges to be stitched, then create sewing springs and simulate the stitching on an avatar. This helps me in creating garments which are very close to the reality. I was trying to do the same in Maya nCloth, but couldn't find the sewing springs substitute. I tried using Component to Component nConstraint and I get three options - Spring, Rubber band or weld. I tried using weld but that literally welds the edges of the patterns in a sinlge frame of simulation and then the whole garment's animation is out of control. Can someone suggest another tool that I can use to stitch two pices of cloth (or patterns) apart from the 'weld' nConstraint? I searched for video tutorials but couldn't find any. Thanks! 



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