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Referencing Files on multiple Workstation / PCs

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Referencing Files on multiple Workstation / PCs

I am using a referenced FBX in my File and wanted to switch to another PC. Unfortunately, the complete Reference is gone, I am not even able to reconnect anything it just disappeared. The File Path Editor and Reference Editor are completely empty. Is there a checkbox I have to check when Referencing Files or how is it possible to use Referencing on multiple Workstations?


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I forgot to upload the workspace.mel File. Now it shows Up in the Outliner with just one Item. But I can not reference it anyway now. I get the Error that the Reference Node is not associated with a reference File. But I can not add it in Reference Editor / File Path Editor or right Click it. Just that Reference Node is not associated. 

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Apperently it seams like the Reference with a FBX has a Bug or problem keeping the Reference. When I reference a Maya File it keeps the Reference. 

This is a Screenshot of the problem with the FBX File. It keeps somewhat of a Reference in the Node Editor but not in the other Editors and can not be reassigned.




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Afaik, you are not supposed to Reference FBX files; convert it to MA.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Then I miss a big Feature in Maya working with proxy Geometry delivered via FBX from ZBrush etc, to get changed later on. It works with FBX to that interchangeable level when switching Workstations, so I think it is also suitable for that.

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