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Referenced FBX issues

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Referenced FBX issues



I'm using Maya 2022 and I have an animated fbx reference in my scene file but when I open my scene file again, the motion/pose totally changes from what is intended. It either changes the initial pose or the final pose. I never had this issue before with Maya 2016.


I've already tried unloading and reloading the referenced fbx but none works. I also tried re-assigning the Source in HumanIK window and it also does the same. I need to reference the fbx again just so it would work fine again 


I'm avoiding to bake the animations since most of the motions are done in Motionbuilder 2022. It also helps me save some time from baking so I always keep the motions referenced and sourced.


Is there a work around for this? I'm not sure if the cache playback has a contribution to this issue as well because every time I toggle it, it either changes the initial pose or the final pose too.

Thank you

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Fixed it already, I guess. I set my Evaluation node from Parallel to DG but it loses the option of Cache Playback

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