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reference file : attributes not saved

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reference file : attributes not saved


I have a referenced file for which I changed some (array) attribute values.

Unfortunately, the changed data are not saved.

When I import the referenced file, then the data are saved...


So, what can I do about that?


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Hello @BurkhardRammner,


thanks for your post. I found this information: Attribute AliasAttr on referenced nodes is not saved when opening files in Maya.


Maybe the workaround from the article (about a similar attribute) might help? If not, you are welcome to send an example file to investigate the issue further.


Best regards,


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Hi @patrick.schock 


thanks for your trying to help me.


Issue: When you create an Alias Attribute (aliasAttr) on a referenced object. Maya will function as expected for the session. When the scene is closed and re-opened, the attribute is lost or corrupt.
Causes: AliasAttr is not a tracked edit in Maya.
Solution: This will not be fixed by the development team and the following workaround is advised:
Manually edit the .ma file to fix the setAttr command and then re-open the file.


...the solution is hilarious : /

Unfortunately, this does not help me.

Moreover, the mentioned problem is in a huge scene with lots of my own nodes.

Experience tells that:

1. it would take a lot of time to get rid of my own nodes, with a 100% chance of endless crashing

2. AD developers will not accept scenes with custom node types

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