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Reducing imported STP complexity? C4D uses 2GB of memory, Maya uses 32GB of memory

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Reducing imported STP complexity? C4D uses 2GB of memory, Maya uses 32GB of memory


I'm trying to transition from C4D to Maya. On an very complex 600mb .stp file, maya seems to be importing the whole file, while I'd guess C4D is using some shortcuts. They both look the identical, but C4D is just leagues faster while in Maya I cannot move the project around (11900k, 64gb ram 2080ti). There's probably a 2 minute delay between selecting all polys and then the highlight showing up. I have Nvidia driver 472.47 and Maya is the current version.


I've used Maya's reference import options and got it to 18GB of RAM, but it still 100%'s my cpu to click on it. While in C4D, it's basically idling at 1.8GB and I have full freedom to animate the entire project while simultaneously running Redshift. All of it is running at full speed. C4D's import takes A LOT longer than Maya's, and the ram does shoot up, but once it's loaded it's a minimum 10X smaller than Maya. No pieces are inaccessible or hidden as well. C4D's process was completely automatic too so I'm a bit confused at how to make this usable in Maya. 


Oddly, C4D also retains all of the names and apparently most of the file hierarchy,ie. "Gasket - Threaded 4-14-000123". Where Maya just names things "Solid 1" etc.


I've optimized the Maya file via the optimization dropdown, got rid of duplicate nodes, shaders and so on. I've also checked different import options referring to "reference" after looking at the Maya import and referencing help pages, but there must be something else here Maya can do.


It looks like C4D is making aggressive use of it's "instance" process. Not sure if Maya can do that. Does Maya have options like this to be able to maneuver a 600mb STP file fluidly on import?


I find it hard to believe that C4D has some super secret option for working with these sorts of files so hopefully I've just missed some checkbox somewhere. 


(the files are owned by a 3rd party and I can't share them)


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