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Randomly deleted geometries

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Randomly deleted geometries

I was working on a mesh and just putting on the finishing touches. Suddenly it disappeared. It still exists in the outliner, but nothing pops up when trying to select it. If I press w, e , or r it seems to remember where the mesh used to be, but no other info seems to exist anymore. I tried loading previous saves and autosaves, yet the mesh is still somehow missing in those as well with the same issue. I tried duplication, saving as new and closing/reopening maya, restarting my pc, assigning a new/existing material, copying the mesh into a blank scene. Nothing has worked. I'm afraid it's gone but I don't understand why it happened and why it applies to the past autosaves as well when at the time of saving all of the info was there. If there is any info on how to get my mesh back as it was or at least why this happened that would be appreciated. I'm pretty new to maya so there maybe is something I did that caused this but I'm not sure. Last think I remember doing was trying to assign the mesh a material which then caused it to disappear once I assigned it.


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