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"Set Project" does not make texture file paths relative

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"Set Project" does not make texture file paths relative

I have some texture files applied to a Redshift shader in Maya 2020. I confirmed same issue with 2022.
When I go to File and "Set Project" to the same folder with the maps, the texture paths stay absolute.
The path remains in the texture file. I am using UDIMs but I wonder does that affect it.
Before I was able to change the paths relative using this trick.
I need to get the paths relative because in this state I don't want to ask client to fix it.

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Are all of your textures in the SourceImages folder in your Project folder? Go to Window/Editors/File Path Editor to confirm. You can use the File Path Editor. to move copies of the files to the project folder. Files outside of that will always be absolute. 

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