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"Save Scene As..." doesn't open files current location.

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"Save Scene As..." doesn't open files current location.

When you go to save as, it opens the last folder that was opened, not the location of the file. This causes files to get randomly saved all over the place on accident. I saw it was also a bug in 2017. It was marked as "solved" when the solution was to save a bookmark so you can access the folder easier. That is not an acceptable solution for me because we work out of several different folders...


Is it really still a problem that can't be fixed? It becomes a major issue when simultaneously working on several jobs with several artists. 

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Hi @Anonymous and welcome to the community!


This has been reported before and has also been added to the Maya Idea Board as a request for future versions of Maya.


The easiest way to work around this for now is to simply use the Scenes folder on the left side (assuming you set your project) or like the other thread mentioned, having the folder(s) you plan to save in bookmarked so they are easily accessible from the side menu.


That said, I highly recommend checking the Maya Idea Board for this thread and add your 2 cents there as well!


This is a great place for the community to share ideas or feature they want to see in the future of Maya and this board is regularly checked by the dev team!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

I'm trying to post to the idea board but it's not working. I typed out the whole thing, but when I click on "post" it just reloads the page.

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Alright, something was wrong with the ideas submission page too, but it eventually worked after starting from scratch and redoing it. Thank you!

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in reply to: Anonymous

This is not a solution to the original problem, please do not mark as solved.

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