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"revert to referenced state" option?

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"revert to referenced state" option?


I've created a model and referenced it in a scene. In the scene I messed with a couple individual pieces of geometry in the referenced model (position, rotation). Is there any way to get rid of what I did and just revert control back to the referenced file, rather than having it be controlled in my scene now? The option I'm looking for would be called like "revert to referenced state" or something..

the main problem is that once I change something in the scene, the scene now controls that attribute, and going in the referenced file and editing it no longer works (because the scene overrides that attribute).

thanks for any help! This issue keeps coming up for me..
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Open File > Reference Editor. You need to click on the reference and then select File > List Reference Edits, select the edit you want to remove and click on Remove Selected Edits.
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Perfect, thank you so much!
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or you can just revert it to original state(as if it referenced from scratch) by unloading it firstly and running clean up command from reference editor's context menu (rmb on the reference > File > Clean Up Reference) 

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