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"Key Selected" ignores non-keyable channel status

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"Key Selected" ignores non-keyable channel status


If I set a channel to be non-keyable and I press "S" or do Key All, that channel doesn't get keyed, as expected.

But if I right click on that channel and do Key Selected, that channel can be keyed.

Pretty sure this shouldn't be happening. If a channel is set to non-keyable, it shouldn't be keyable at all.

Is there a setting for this or is it a bug?


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This is the correct behavior.

Keyable or non-keyable controls what attributes will be keyed when using Hotkey "S".

If you want an attribute to ignore any value changes, you need to lock it.

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Thanks for the response, but I would respectfully disagree that what I'm describing is correct (or at least expected) behavior.
If I set a channel to non-keyable, it should maintain that restriction whenever I try to key, regardless if I'm using Key All or Key Selected. But that  setting only restricts that channel halfway.
Locking a channel, for instance, behaves the same way regardless of how I try to key it.

Yes, I understand that locking a channel will make it ignore value changes, but that's not what I want.
I want to be able to change the value but not key the channel. Again, it works as expected with Key All, but not with Key Selected, so that seems inconsistent.

For context...
I teach Maya at Ringling College in Florida and we provide rigs to the students for some assignments.
We typically make the very top, main CTL non-keyable so that the students can use it for positioning, but we don't want them keyframing that control because doing so causes animation problems.
We try to safeguard the rigs as much as possible to reduce user(student) error, and setting certain channels to non-keyable is one way of making the rigs more "bullet proof".
But doing so doesn't achieve the intended purpose because the non-keyable channels can still be keyed.

Not sure how others feel about this, but for me, it would be great if non-keyable status fully restricted the given channel.

Thanks for your time.

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Non-keyable should just prevent creating keys "accidentally", especially when keying multiple attributes. It does not prevent you from keying a specific attribute if you want to.

When you use certain menus you can also choose what attributes should be keyed and often there is also keyable mentioned as one option (like in Key -> Set Key), which is just a collection or a set of attributes. Using any other option would not make sense if other attributes could not be keyed.


I doubt there is currently an option to achieve what you want.

I recommend to add this feature request to Maya Ideas:

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