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"Export Screening" Prevents Maya Opening

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"Export Screening" Prevents Maya Opening

See attached pop-up that appears when trying to open Maya.

Note despite the pop-up's text I did not just 'place an order' as it indicates.

I've had Maya and updated, like I always do, to the latest version Maya 2022.2 from my previous 2022.1 version. I'm in good standing with my indie license. I've opened a support ticket yesterday and no response yet.

I've lost two days of work now because of this. It would be good to know why this happened and how to prevent it in the future. Or they should absolutely give you a warning beforehand or just review whatever they need to while still giving you access. I don't understand the need to lock you out of your paid account while they randomly review it. Where is this in their terms of service? Will these days I've lost be put towards extending my license by the same amount since I'm paying for nothing right now?


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