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"Combined" skin is not combined

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"Combined" skin is not combined

The Model found here if the uploaded file doesnt work

I had combined the eyes, mouth, and body to the single plane "Spider1", then i colored the model. now it seems it considers the eyes, mouth, and body as combined however whenever i change the position with the rig controls or the skin controls it does not keep together. I intend on animating the model, but no matter what I do it doesnt seem to fix it.

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I opened your model, it was not skinned, and there existed no rig controls that I could find. So I deleted history on the model and skinned it to the joints you had in the scene. Everything moves correctly.


My only thought could be this, you are skinning the rig before you combine your geo. This is the wrong workflow if you are doing this, but this is just a random guess. Another suggestion is to check the skin weight maps and paint them to include the eyes and mouth with the head.


Rigging is hard, really hard, and very technical. It leaves exactly zero room for mistakes or confusion on how Maya's underlying system works. That's why riggers are usually highly skilled technical artists and often end up with the title, TD (Technical Director). I mention this to highlight that this isn't a task to take on lightly, you cant guess your way through building a rig.


In all likelihood, you are making a minor and simple mistake, but it could be any number of things, and it's hard to know which seeing as I had no issues. My suggestion, check out some more rigging tutorials and dive deeper into the correct workflow on how to build a rig. Only then will you be able to target exactly what's going wrong on your end.


I hope this helps in some way, and I wish you luck!


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Thank you for your help, I truly agree that this type of work is not for the lighthearted. this is the first time I am attempting to rig, and so far it had been mostly going well. but now for whatever reason nothing is working. I attempted to look at the paintweights that i had painted through "paint weights" however it seems to not be going into the black and white screen. I unluckily have only just now encountered such many problems right when my teacher will be gone for 5 days. thank you for suggesting the paint weights however, that is not something i had thought of and whenever i can troubleshoot my way back to the paint eights feature i will give that a shot and let you know!

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If that’s the case, then maybe something deeper went wrong.


My suggestion, delete biding and history on the object. Then start from scratch with a bind skin. Weight painting shouldn’t take long with the complexity of your rig.


If after that you still cant paint weights then perhaps delete your prefs folder. This is usually the first step in figuring out UI issues.


let me know

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