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Question for a new user with ipad/PC

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Question for a new user with ipad/PC

Trying to find info on this. My son has an ipad that he uses to do his digital artwork but has a PC (not a mac) that he would want to run Maya on. Is there a way for him to "control" Maya on his PC with his Apple pencil/ipad? If not, what does he need to have as a drawing tool? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Basically trying to run Maya on the PC but draw with the apple pencil/ipad)

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in reply to: theaternation

You just asked this question a minute ago in another post and 2 people already engaged with you. Please don't create similar posts to avoid confusion. Please continue your questions in the original post.

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in reply to: damaggio

I didn't think the other post went through hence I created this thread. Also, no one has engaged with me in the other thread. Those were old posts from a few years ago. Thanks for the response though. If you have any knowledge concerning my question I would appreciate that as well. Thanks!

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