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Question: About VFX Pipeline and workflow in Post-Production stage.

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Question: About VFX Pipeline and workflow in Post-Production stage.

Hi guys, I'm looking for in-depth information about "VFX Pipeline and workflow in Post-Production" and WHY we should stick to them.

I have read related topics about this but i want to learn more in-depth. (Especially in 3D CGI and MAYA)


For example:

Let's Start with Modeling (Artist done their tasks) => Rigging Artist Reference they files => Animator Ref again the Rig Files for animating => VFX/Simulator do the same take ABC file => Lookdev artist take all of them to  look development and Render


P/s: Example above is not right and data format also wrong i just write it down to describe the information that i'm looking for.


I would like to learn more about this to correct myself.

Thanks for your help

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That depends on the studio you are working in. Some do it like you discribed above. 

Some take shortcuts for what ever reason. There is no right or wrong way todo it. 

You and your team have to find a way to finish the work.


For example we dont referenz in the geo in our rig files. We import them. 

Cause if you referenz them in you have to maintain those referenz. Someone has to take care the referenz doesnt break.
We dont have a TD todo so. So its easier for us to import the data.


Thats for all steps above. And this is in fast change cause of USD. Most bigger studios are building there pipelines around USD right know. Smaller that dont have the manpower are working with "old" pipelines until the break.


A lot of this is a budget question. You simply cant do an ILM pipeline if you arnt a studio with 100 or more people.

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Thanks for reply @Christoph_Schaedl 

Your're all about the budget and deadline But if I just want to force to know a strong pipeline like you said above ILM Pipleline for example (TD Stuffs) could you please provide more about it. To make sure i or my team can go through jobs condition with less issues as possible. (I not only work with my team but also with oursource/supplier and i need to make it clear and same all technical requirements.)

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You need to work out your own pipeline. Pipeline is nothing that is shared to the outside its the secret sauce that holds a studio together. 


Psyop did a good talk how they manage it.

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Thanks for video that look cool.

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