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Question about real world scale model to download as well as a few Xgen questions

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Question about real world scale model to download as well as a few Xgen questions

1) real world Scale model: I recognize you can scale by CM / MM etc but I was hoping to download an OBJ or FBX that I can use a body basis to measure my character against. I find that XGen especially hates anything that’s not properly scaled


2) On the xgen front - does UV map size of the scalp/mesh that you place descriptions on impact fidelity? Ie: if I make a hair plate in Zbrush and export the uv map in 8K then import that plate into Maya- will it make the hair look better?


3) Once I feel like my xgen hair looks sufficiently good in IPR, is there any major steps to do and or improve quality before a final render? I read the Arnold documentation around transparency depth but looking for anything else  

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in reply to: Bruce_Pynchon

1 yes working in real scale Cm is always recommended

2  the Uvs should take as much  of  0 to 1 UV space..Xgen works with Ptex texture resolution so make sure to read a little about that in the documentation. You should make a scalp mesh from your current character

3 there are Arnold tutorials on youtube that explain the best settings for Hair rendering.

Lastly don't forget to set your project correctly and the xGen naming rules. Have fun with xGen Bruce.

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in reply to: damaggio

Hi Jared, is this working now? You left your question still open.

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Yes, thank you!

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