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Quaddraw issue

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Quaddraw issue

Hi. Please help. Can't finish the project for  a month. The quaddraw tool works perfectly on any mesh I create myself inside Maya but when I import some of my fbx or mb files it either works or not. Can't find the reason of such moodiness. Attached is the image - the cube that I've created and quad draw retopping fine and the lever, it doesn't offer me to connect the dots, just shows this stop symbol (had to add it in PH for you to see what I mean by this symbol). I can connect the dots if I create all 4 of them but can't connect the next 2 to the prev polygon.

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in reply to: alena.spektor

It works fine here Alena, you can zip the file here and someone will take a look for you.

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in reply to: damaggio

Didn't find where to attach the file in my original msg after I've posted so I'm attaching it here. Thank you 

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