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Problems with multi-platform support for OCIO config environment variable.

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Problems with multi-platform support for OCIO config environment variable.

Hi there,
I'm just implementing an OCIO config for a vfx house and have come across a problem that I'm not sure quite how to resolve.


We set the OCIO environment variable to point to our OCIO config. Maya picks this up fine. Our renderfarm is Linux, our workstations are Windows. I can translate the OCIO path from windows to linux during submission(as a deadline job environment variable), but it appears the Maya scene has the windows ocio path baked in and as a result, it errors on the farm as the linux machines aren't translating the path to a linux path.


I've ensured the maya scenes are .ma to allow deadline to do its path mapping magic but it doesn't seem to be changing the ocio path either.


This is the error Deadline is reporting on starting up Maya:
STDOUT: Error: Missing OpenColorIO configuration file: Z:/jobs/JOBNAME/config/colour/ocio/win32_config.ocio


Have any of you come across this issue in multi-platform environments?


Is there something obvious I'm missing or a possible workaround I can implement?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Patrick Macdonald
Lighting TD

Developer of Mission Control , the spreadsheet editor for 3ds Max
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in reply to: mail

Hi @mail 


Could you share your path mapping rules you have configured?


It's possibly that might be missing something and that would explain why its not catching when going to Linux. It could be something simple like an unsupported character or an uppercase letter that should be lower case etc.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

I'm not seeing a solution here and I can reproduce this issue. Any updates on this?


Maya's dirmap command does not resolve the path for the OCIO configuration file set in Preferences > Settings > Color Management Preferences > OCIO Config Path.


There's no way to open the scene and have it automatically resolve it as far as I know and avoid the massive storm of errors for the loaded files.


In my case I'm trying to solve this even outside of Deadline so I can open files from another studio and get it loaded up correctly.


The documentation describes:

The OCIO environment variable overrides the configuration file path and name that is stored in the scene, and allows configurations to be enforced across a facility, or on a per-project or per-scene basis. However, the OCIO environment variable is also overridden by a policy. 


I've tried setting this variable:

import os

os.environ["OCIO"] = "/path/to/my/forced/config.ocio"

Yet reopening the file does not seem to adjust and load that specific OCIO file, I'm still getting the error on scene open.


EDIT: The forced OCIO environment variable is only picked up when set before launching Maya so it seems.

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in reply to: BigRoy

Same issue, although later the file is remapped automatically, this error popping up is a pain. Any solution to avoid the error?

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in reply to: Jose.A.Enriquez



Can you try setting the env variable MAYA_CM_DISABLE_ERROR_POPUPS to disable the popup?



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