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Problems with Maya UI scale when using two monitors with different GPI

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Problems with Maya UI scale when using two monitors with different GPI

Hello. For a while now I've been having problems with Maya's UI scale because my laptop and the external monitor I'm using have different DPI so the UI is too large on the external monitor. If I change the scaling under "preferences / interface" to "do not scale" then the UI looks fine on the external monitor but too small on the main monitor. I read this article: and tried right clicking the maya icon on my desktop, going to properties -> compatibility tab and clicking on "change high DPI settings" and checking "override high DPI scaling behavior" and setting it to system; this solved the scaling problem but now Maya has a glitch: every time I click on a button that is supposed to show a drop-down menu the menu doesn't show up. I know this was caused when I changed the DPI scaling settings, because if I change it back to how it was before it doesn't have that glitch. Anyway I can't use Maya with that glitch so I'd like to know if there's some other way to get the UI to be normal size on both monitors. 


P.S: I posted about this issue a while ago but didn't get an answer so I figured I'd try again. Here's the previous forum post:



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