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Problems with Maya, freezes and compatibility with AMD radeon 6600m

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Problems with Maya, freezes and compatibility with AMD radeon 6600m

HP omen.jpgHello, I have a problem with my Maya product which often freezes and has noticeable slowdowns. My PC is an HP OMEN with an AMD RADEON 6600m card. Often during use it freezes and blocks like the ones in the photo appear only in the work area and I'm forced to close and reopen.


I sent the PC to HP official assistance and they have not solved the problem, they say that the video card is not compatible with the MAYA program as it is not in the list of supported cards on Maya site. Can anyone tell me if this card is compatible or if the problem is solvable?

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Well, first of all, this GPU is definitely not supported nor certified by Autodesk. Here is a list of supported GPUs for the latest years of installment.
Second, consumer laptops or notebooks GPUs work in a different manner regarding memory management and processing. That's why working on these devices is not recommended (however, there are some professional notebooks that might have certified hardware).


I'm not sure if there is a workaround for the problem you're having, however try to always update the GPU drivers if you're having issues.


I hope that this can help you in any way.

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Thank you,
unfortunately I have already done all the updates.
The PC is used by my son for university to study graphics and for that he also needs a laptop.
Unfortunately when he enrolled at the university they gave him the minimum specifications necessary for a notebook (including amd GPU cards) and this model is much higher than these specifications. I hope someone else knows the problem and can help me.
Thanks anyway for your interest.

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