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Problems with Arnold renderer (Keeps refreshing)

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Problems with Arnold renderer (Keeps refreshing)

When I try to use the arnold renderer, it keeps refreshing, so I cant view the full render. I assume it has something to do with the file constantly being editted? But how do I solve this.


I tried exporting all my geometry and animation to a clean .ma file, and it works until I reopen the file

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Getting the same thing when animating ramp texture parameters.   Not an Arnold issue as the Task Manager indicates Maya super busy even when not rendering or playing animation or doing anything.    Maya acts like its playing back at max. speed even when not playing - only when anim curves are present.  This forces Arnold into a crazy refresh cycle. 


When you delete keyframes (so # of keys = 1) this stops.   This is killing me right now with a major project.



This is a 2022.1 issue, 2020.4 behaves correctly - Mark this a regression Bug.

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Contacted support - couldn't reproduce - suggested the (pretty much standard) delete prefs solution.   eyeRoll..but...


After backing up the prefs folder I opened the original and renamed the userPrefs.mel file (OLDuser...) and it now works as expected.   A couple things to reset but not too bad (shelves etc. all good).


Hope this helps.

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In my case, i found that issue was contributed by 2 things existing at the same time, particles  automatical caching  while there is  some keyed object in the scene, either I remove one of these the Arnold stoped its infinite refreshing immidiatly  

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in reply to: 200381d



Menu > Modify > Evaluate Nodes > ...  Turn off "nucleuses" and "particles"


Or disable all.


Turn them back on if you want Maya to evaluated nucleus dynamics again though.

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in reply to: dkoutsHR2JE

That didn't work 😕

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in reply to: billybobb1

I use 2020.4 and have that issue! Have you found a solution for it? Note: resetting Maya's preferences didn't solve the issue. 

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