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Problem with writing decimal numbers

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Problem with writing decimal numbers

Hi guys, 

I got a problem with writing decimal numbers in the shaders options for example.

When I'm trying to write in 0.2 or any other number, and I click enter I'm getting 2.0

Hope you can help me with that, because I'm stuck  😛

Thank you!

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in reply to: mlodymatiVDTRN



That's a known limitation with the current release (Maya 2017 and Maya 2017 SP1):

Unable to manually input numerical values with a dot or comma (OS language packages: Norwegian, Russian).

Workaround: Go to the operating system's "Time & Language" and then "Region & language" and choose "Additional date, time & regional settings". In "Region", choose "Change date, time or number formats". Choose "English, United States", then restart Maya

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in reply to: mspeer

I don't understand how this is can be overlooked because it is such a basic and critical functionality and clearly a bug? And it's not just Norwegian and Russian OS, I'm running on Finnish OS.








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Same problem here. Seems like they haven't done anything about it for a couple of years. Offering workarounds instead of admitting (and fixing) a bug is not very customer-oriented.

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The original issue was “fixed” with a Qt custom source code change for prior Maya releases using Qt 5.6.x


for Maya 2020, the move to Qt 5.12.x

has re-introduced the Qt strict locale setting. It was missed in the testing.  A fix is being worked on



Wayne Arnold


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in reply to: mlodymatiVDTRN

Has this bug been fixed yet? I'm running version 3.5.474 and i cannot use decimals. Swedish OS. Not very keen on changing OS settings.

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in reply to: warnold1

Has this bug been fixed?
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No, not fixed. Not sure, but I think the development of this software has been ended years ago.

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