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Problem with the color of quad draw

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Problem with the color of quad draw

Hi I'm having a problem with Maya's quad draw that you can't see well. Instead of being like Figure 1 we see it as Figure 2. How can I solve the problem? I contacted Acer support, my pc's brand, and they told me to contact you.

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in reply to: c.costa1

There's color settings in the Quadraw Tool that should allow you to change the color to your liking. Capture.JPG

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in reply to: cheynecg


 Even if I have modified something it is never like figure 1. I would like just like figure 1 (black borders and that net color). In my case there are no black borders and the polygons are seen in transparency

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This is hecka late but make sure the surface you're drawing on is a live surface! 

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What do you mean with "hecka late"?

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in reply to: c.costa1

I am having the same exact problem in Maya 2018.  Did you ever find  solution?

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in reply to: Murphys

If I remember well, I uninstalled and reinstalled because it was an issue of drivers. Let me know.

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in reply to: c.costa1

Extremely late, I know. But just in case.


The reason why Quad Draw's light blue instead of dark blue is a different rendering engine.

Go to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Display > Viewport 2.0

and change it from Legacy (Could be OpenGL Legacy) to DirectX (Could be DirectX 11)

This should solve the issue.

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