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problem installing Maya Bonus Tools 2016

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problem installing Maya Bonus Tools 2016

Can anybody explain to me what environment variable I need to set for Maya to pick up the "PackageContents.xml" file - thus detecting the Bonus Tools installation location?


"MAYA_MODULE_PATH" does not seem to apply to the AppExchange installation xml's.

Thing is, I've chosen to place the Bonus Tools package in a folder on our studio network (which is not the default "$INSTALLDIR" i.e $HOME/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins or /usr/autodesk/ApplicationPlugins) and I want to source the Bonus Tools package pointing to the fancy .xml.

I feel like I've tried everything, but no matter what the Bonus Tools never load up in Maya 2016.


...yes I know I can probaly point my variables directly to the script and plug-in folders, but that would defy the purpose of the .xml file now wouldn't it.


So if anyone can explain to me (and other users) how to properly use those xml files in a multi-user network environment, I'd really appreciate it.


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We are interested in this as well. We have picked up a couple of items from the App Exchange and have had to hardcode them into our studio  It would be nice to keep the modules nice and organized as them come, and have them autoload if they are found in a specified path.







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I've been looking for the solution of this tweak for my environment. Wish someone came up with good method to redirect the .xml file.

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