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Potentially corrupted .mb file, can anything be saved?

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Potentially corrupted .mb file, can anything be saved?


I have the following file which for some reason has lost all the models, even though the file size suggests the data is still there (file attached to this post)


I attached 2 screenshots. The first is how the corrupted file looks like, the second is how it's supposed to look like (5 day old copy. Should have backed up more often, I know!)


Does anyone know if and how this file could be saved?

Thanks a lot!!


Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 16.45.12.pngScreenshot 2022-05-08 at 16.46.03.png

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in reply to: chiara.turel

Yes, most of your model is gone, there's nothing that can be done with .mb file

I recommend having back ups and cleaning history before saving the file, also avoid copy and paste in Maya and use duplicate instead. There's no reason to have a file go corrupt, it's extremely rare, in 20 years I only had one file go bad and I still recovered all its content.You can search the Forum for corrupted file and green shader and you will find a lot of helpful tips.Good luck Chiara.

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in reply to: chiara.turel



The file is heavily damaged, so there is no way to recover anything from this file, sorry.

To prevent data loss like this:
1. Do incremental saves (as often as suitable) and from time to time save or export in an additional format (like FBX or OBJ).
2. Delete history if not needed anymore (on individual or all objects).
3. Create backups.

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in reply to: chiara.turel

Always use incremental save.  Just get in the habit of pressing Ctrl-Alt-S instead of Ctrl-S.  You'll end up with lots of incremental save files that you'll need to clean up periodically, but you'll always have lots of incremental backups in case anything goes wrong.  Not just obvious corruptions, but if you make a destructive edit and don't notice right away, you can always dig it out of an older save.


Also, always save as .MA and never .MB.  It's much more possible to recover data from .MA files.  I don't know why .MB is the default.

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in reply to: damaggio

Thank you very much for your reply!

Yes, I've definitely learned my lesson - I'm lucky not a lot of work was lost. Thank you again and have a nice day!



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in reply to: mspeer

Will do, thank you very much for the tips!
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in reply to: zewt

Yeah, in retrospect I found a lot of people saying it is better to save in .MA . Thank you for the advice and for looking at the file!

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