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Pivot (scaling/rotating/moving) not working

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Pivot (scaling/rotating/moving) not working

Please i have a problem in maya about the pivot, whenever i put a cube for example,if i try to scale it or move it or rotate it, the pivot is not shown, i restarted the laptop it didnt work, i uninstalled maya then reinstalled it and still it didnt work, even the dr in class didnt know how to solve my issue, please fix my problem, im a college student and have maya on the 1 year free subscription for universities, and i really need to work on my projects so plz i need help asap 

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Hello Ryan,

Not sure if you have tried to rest the any of the tools (Move, Rotate, and Scale) But if you double click on move icons or go to the top right corner of Maya and click on the tool setting windows( looks like a small hammer icon) while you have the move tool selected. You'll see and option to reset and this should do what you are looking for, I've also added in a video of me doing this. Also you can reset your preference to default and that should work as well.

hopefully this helps. 

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The quickest thing to do is to try resetting your preferences.

Otherwise the issue might be related to your graphics card so in that area try changing the following setting and then restarting Maya:

Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Display > Viewport 2.0 Rendering Engine to DirectX 11

DirectX11 rendering works better on integrated GPUs like those from Intel or if there is no certified driver for your graphics card:

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer

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