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Persp Camera NaN

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Persp Camera NaN



I get this weird issue where after some time, my default perspective camera goes completely blank.
The geometry still shows in top/side/bottom/etc. and I can even click in the empty space of the persp and it will select the asset in outliner, but nothing shows up in persp. The only temp solution I have is to create a new persp camera everytime it does this, but after a while, it will do it again.
I want to know if there's another solution besides creating 30 something cameras.
I deleted prefs, I tried framing the assets, and I even put any number where it shoes "NaN", it nothing happens.
Anybody have suggestions? 
Thank you!

(Update, it seems like the only way I can replicate the error is when I accidentally select the camera and snap its location to an object. No errors come up in the script  editor. I use the "v" tool a lot, is there any way around this?)


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in reply to: monkeybitart

This wont be much help but Ive had this before too. A few years ago on an older version and Im struggling to remember what caused it. i *think* it might have been a corrupt mesh that had a single vertex miles away from the rest of the mesh. Any time I pressed 'f' the camera would still frame the object but I got 'Nan' in the translate fields. Memory is fuzzy on that one though so I could be talking rubbish...
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in reply to: dave.rose

I appreciate the help. and well i found out some more information....I found that if I turn off viewport 2.0 all the issues that I was having (from cameras breaking to vertex snapping not working) have stopped happening. Which i guess its a good temporary solution considering i'm throwing all the assets into substance and in engine anyway...

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in reply to: monkeybitart

Nevermind, Switching to legacy only fixes the vertex snapping, not the camera issue
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in reply to: monkeybitart

Did you happen to change the Units of measurement?

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in reply to: slimboJoe

Nope, haven't touched that :^c
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in reply to: monkeybitart

OK.  Any chance of uploading the scene?

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in reply to: slimboJoe

Yea, here's the file I was working on, many thanks!

I couldn't upload the .mb file, so here's a dropbox to it

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in reply to: monkeybitart

Sorry I didn't get back to you yet.  I got your scene file (thanks) but have not had time to look at it yet.  Any solutions yet?  I'mm gonna look over the weekend...

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in reply to: slimboJoe

Unfortunately I got nothing still. Just been working with legacy viewport lol
And sure man, no rush, I appreciate you taking a look!

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Hi @monkeybitart,


I wanted to ask if your issue with the cameras is resolved yet, or do you still have the issue?

If yes, I will have a look at your scene.


Best, Nadja

Nadja Bueckmann

Technical Support Specialist – M&E (3ds Max, Maya)

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Yes, unfortunately i'm still getting the same issue,

Thank you for looking into it!

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in reply to: monkeybitart



Thanks for uploading the-scene-file. I checked with Maya 2016.5.

The following steps should help you to clean up you scene and reset your persp-camera. (The 2 steps before camera reset are highly recommended)


1. Delete all unnecessary cameras in outliner (persp1 to persp31), most of them are unusable with current values anyway.


2. There are some objects and transform nodes ( i found 5) in your scene that have too big values for Translate X, Y and Z to be be displayed or handled in any way (NaN). Without valid values they get selected by just selecting the background. Delete them or set them back to 0,0,0 or any other valid value, otherwise you will run into trouble everytime by accidently selecting them for focus (f) or snap to (v).


3. Select main camera "persp" in outliner and then do following (you need to complete both steps):

a) MainMenu: Modeling -> Modify -> "Reset transformations" (Translate, Rotate, Scale should all be checked in options)

b) in PerspView-Panel: View -> "Default View"or select an object in outliner and hit f (This resets your "Center Of Interest")

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in reply to: monkeybitart

A short explanation why manual reset of invalid Transform values of your camera doesn't work:

Not only the transform values are affected, also Rotation and Scale pivots for Local and World Space are involved.If you change one value manual Maya tries to change some other values accordingly, the invalid value moves from on attribute to an other.


The only way to handle this situation is to reset these values all at once, which you can't do manual, so you need to use Modify -> Reset Transformations as stated in the previous post.

(And don't forget to reset the "Center Of Interest" or all camera values are messed up again as soon as you try to navigate through the scene.)

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in reply to: mspeer

Son of a gun, this definitely solves one issue, this helps reset the camera to a functional state so I don't have to create a bunch of new ones! Thanks man!
This definitely helps with the workflow. You've earned my gold star sticker if I had any :^)

There still remains a problem though:
How to keep the objects from disappearing/breaking when i try to snap it along a vertex?

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in reply to: monkeybitart



You are right. There are still 2 contaminated objects, not easy to find.

pCylinder40  and pCylinder50 contain vertices with invalid values. Although the attached screenshot shows 0,0,0 for them, if you do a Modify -> "Freeze Transformations" on the object they all turn to NaN, NaN, NaN. You can't delete those vertices easily, the only easy way would be to delete the objects.


There is a solutions besides simply deleting the whole objects. With pCylinder40 and then with pCylinder50:

1. Select all visible faces of the object (face selection mode)

2. Modeling Menu: Edit Mesh -> Extract (default setting, "Seperate extracted Faces" should be checked)

3. In outliner navigate through the resulting objects (grouped) and delete the one that doesn't show anything in 3D-View (which contains the invalid vertices).


A gold star sticker would be nice, but you can click on Kudo under every post that you think is especially helpful, well formed, insightful, or otherwise generally valuable. Also please don't forget to mark/accept the post(s) that solves your problem as "solution".


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in reply to: mspeer



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in reply to: monkeybitart

I can't thank you guys enough for solving this issue.. I had a render set up which I worked for days and I had bookmarked all my render frames to persp. Cam.. I would have had to work again on my angles if it wasn't for ur reset transformation setting advice. Thanks alot 🤗
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in reply to: monkeybitart

Hey Guys.


I got some solution. 

they mentioned very useful way above.

Though you did everything like them it wouldn't work..

Why don't you use this way?

It's very simple.

If you have some problem as you see Nan,Nan,Nan in your pers_camera, it should be far from 0,0,0,

So you need to reset your camera. And then

you can write small amount of numbers in your pers_camera.

Yeah! you can guide your cam again!

ex) Translate X - 5, Translate Y - 5, Translate Z - 5


If you did so your pers_cam would work!



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in reply to: starklei

And After you do what I mentioned above, It doesn't work.

Ok You should look around attribute of Pers_Camera

you can see there the element " persShape - Movement Options

you see the Nan in Center Of Interes and Tumble Pivot huge numbered.

So you should change 0, all!!

It sould work!

I guarantee!!

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