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Performance reduction with nCloth?

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Performance reduction with nCloth?



I signed up new, because i have a problem with my Maya 2014 Program. I whant to create a Project with a dragon, but i have problems to realize that. I began to animate parts of the body(tail,arms,legs,...) which was no problem.


I realized the wings with Maya nCloth. I created the basic structure with joints, bound the skin to the joints and realized the skin between the joints as clothes. I created 5 parts of clothes per wing, the dragon has 2 wings.


Then i moved the wings and setted the key in the time slider to generate an animation. This was the problem. The motion was so slow!!! I perceived the animation speed as 1frame per second, but i set the value to 25fps.


Why does the maya nCloth function need so much performance?

I wondered, because my Workstation is brand new. Intel Xeon E31245v3 Haswell, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD 840. Is there a Problem, if i use the Intel P4600 Graphics? Intel promized, that the new graphics work with maya.

In the Task Manager, the CPU load does not exceed the value of 23%.

Also the load of the gpu is very slow. Then why is the animation motion so slow?


I would appreciate an answer,

Greetings, Anton

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I have the same problem, while i am using my laptop, a DELL precision 7742 notebook with a i7-11850H, nCloth run full speed. However, when i am using my work station with a Xeon 8375C to calculate the same scene, i have the exact same problem with you. There are about 2 to 4 corns work full speed, rest of them stay about 11 to 20 usage.

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