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Per-object frame offsets on instanced volume

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Per-object frame offsets on instanced volume

So, I need to render a large amount of campfires (hundreds). I have one campfire .vdb and would like to instance it using an Arnold volume. The problem with this, is that they’ll all be identical. I’d like to do frame offsets of the .vdb sequence per fire instance. The frame integer is a shape node attribute, so it’ll have to be controlled via expression. My next idea is to declare a variable per transform node (id), and just add that to time1. If all fires are called fire001, fire002, fire003, etc., what sort of expression can I use to pull data from all of them without declaring them all specifically?

I've found I can create an array using a wildcard:
string $testArray[] = `ls "fire*"`;

This will print all my volume instance transforms in a list, so yay for that.  Now I'm just stuck as to how to store my id attribute in this array (eg. = 1, = 2)  These id offsets would be the variable I'd need to offset time1, and (hopefully) give me a unique frame number per instance, driven by the shared shape node).


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