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Objects missing from scene upon scene reopening.

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Objects missing from scene upon scene reopening.

So I've been working on this project and I've been having this issue where occasionally when I open the project, many objects will be missing from the scene. (I don't know if this is relevant but whenever this problem occurs, the multi-sample anti-aliasing gets turned off, which doesn't normally happen). The most worrying thing is that this problem also affects multiple previous incremental saves of the scene, and I've lost hours of work this way. The missing assets appear in the outliner but they aren't in the scene.

I am admittedly still quite new to Maya and might be making some big mistake in my workflow, but any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!



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All connections in your scene are broken, because of this the materials are no longer connected to objects and all objects that rely on history nodes cannot be rebuild anymore.

With thousands of history nodes in your scene it's nearly impossible to restore the original scene.


For some objects the original shape can be restored.

Select the object in Outliner, then display the object(s) in Node Editor. If there are 2 shape objects, you can sometimes enable the original shape.


1. In Outliner select Cello

2. Node Editor -> Input and output connections

3. Select "polySurfaceShape414" and in Attribute Editor:

Object Display > Intermediate Object (uncheck).

4. Focus the mesh in Viewport.



To prevent data loss like this:
1. Do incremental saves (as often as suitable) and from time to time save or export in an additional format (like FBX or OBJ).
2. Delete history if not needed anymore (on individual or all objects).
3. Create backups.



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Yer a wizard mspeer, I tried it with the Cello and it worked! I've literally never opened the node editor before. I will definitely implement your suggestions in the future, and now I know what I can do if it happens again!

Thank you SO SO SO much, It's people like you who keep the world turning. The perfect cross between kindness and actually knowing what you're doing.  


Thanks again and may the force be with you.

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