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NURBS Primitives tools don't let me drag the grid to resize

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NURBS Primitives tools don't let me drag the grid to resize

Hello everyone


Something odd is happening to the Mac version of Maya I'm using, but not on the Windows version someone else is using — whenever I select a NURBS Primitives tool, be it Sphere, Cube or Cylinder, it automatically creates the NURBS surface at the center of the grid without ever giving me a chance to resize it.


A Windows user told me this is not the default behavior of Maya, so presumably it only happens in the Mac version?? If so, how do you drag the grid to create NURBS surfaces in the Mac version of Maya?



Thanks for reading and any advice would be appreciated!!

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Something else I noticed with NURBS Primitives is whenever I create a NURBS primitive and try closing its surface, the Open/Close Surface Options window doesn't show the Surface direction option and hitting Apply in the window doesn't close the surface. There must be something wrong with the NURBS tools of my Maya, but I don't have a clue because I never changed settings associated with them...

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There is a setting for that in the Create menu (for NURBS and Polygons)





Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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@brentmc  is right with the menu for your first problem, but if you have you other issues as well like described in your second message I recommend to directly try the Reset of the Preferences (assuming you indeed used the Surfaces menu and not accidentally the Curves menu which does not have an option for Surface direction and does not work with surfaces).

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Thanks for all of the tips!! I tried them all and verified that all of the suggested steps are required to be able to drag the grid to create a NURBS surface and to enable the Surface direction option in the Open/Close Surface Options! 

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