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Nurb curve vertices not highlighted/dissapearing when selected

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Nurb curve vertices not highlighted/dissapearing when selected

Hello Everybody!


I wonder if you have ever experienced this issue: The CV's for my nurb curves are not being highlighted upon selection. Some of them even dissapear!


I can still manipulate them (translate/rotate, etc) to reshape my curve. They just stopped showing in the common/normal yellow highlight.


They still show normally if soft selection is on. But not when soft selection is off.


I attached a little video here to illustrate the issue below.


I already tried the usual solutions: Deleting/recreating my prefs file, restarting maya, restarting computer, testing different projs... no luck


Any ideas?

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Is it just curves or surfaces too? Polygons?

In your vid, I see just 4 CVs, whereas the default setting is 8. Is it a part of the issue?

If you seem to have reset all the settings, then the suspect N°2 are display settings. Unfortunately, it means a range of possible causes, which all root into your hardware i.e. gfx board type (certified?), drivers version and settings, Viewport2.0 render engine (OGL v. DX) just to name some of the most frequent. Try finding out if your board (or similar) is listed, change some disp/diver settings..etc.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Thank you much for your very informative response!

Yes, it is only in the nurb curves. I made a 4 segment circle for the little video to show better the issue. Did you see how when I select more than one cv some of them appear/dissapear?

I have been successfully running a radeon rx 5700 since 2020. But I believe that you're up to something with video... that means it is probably with one foot out of the door...

I did very recently (updated the drivers) and probably have not played with nurb curves ever since.


I have asked here and also in my school forums... no idea. I think display, like you say is probably the culprit.


I have made so many nurb curves in my life that I can push through the issue because I kind of "know" where the vertices are even when not displayed. And they do, in fact display (the gizmo is there) just that instead of a common yellow dot... they dissapear.  The other mitigating action is in fact to use soft selection with no fall off... I for got to mention that.. Then the vertices show perfectly fine.

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I have always used nVidia boards, so I am not the one to give advice on Radeons.

Really old topics in other forums suggest disabling HighqualityRendering or SmoothWireframe, which for Viewport2.0 in M2019 would be in hardwareRenderingGlobals > Antialiasing


Could be the drivers, as not the latest ones are always the best.. idk how it is nowadays, but years earlier there were Certified drivers.

Can't add more.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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OK, I put this computer together right on the onset of covid with an AMD card that looked like a "pretty good deal to me" ... Then the entire debauchery of covid and bitcoin and videocards begun...


I took the hit and just ordered a GeForce RTX 3090... It is on its way.  I really hope it fixes things (at least I know my render times will be lower, hehe)


Cheers and thanks!


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Issue gone after installing new video card.


I think at this point it is safe to assume that the radeon 5700 latest driver has an issue with maya 2020

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