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Nuke Render Colourspace not matching the Maya Colourspace..

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Nuke Render Colourspace not matching the Maya Colourspace..


I am using Maya 2022 and its default colourspace. I took my Arnold render to Nuke but the colourspace were not matching which is why it gave different results in the viewer. Therefore, I changed the Nuke color management from nuke to OCIO and set the config to aces  1.1. This worked properly and I could see the same results in the Nuke viewer as my original Maya render. 

But, now I am trying to write out the sequence into PNG/JPG from Nuke and I am not getting the original colors that I was expecting. I tried experimenting with different options in 'Output Transform" in the write node but nothing worked.


How do I get the same color that I rendered from Maya?? Although I found the original colors when I changed the Color Config in the Viewer Node in Nuke but not when I am rendering this 'Read Node' out of Nuke...


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